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Pain Reduction

Holistic Methods for Treating Pain
Prolotherapy Injections
Prolo-therapy injections are a natural treatment for the repair of joints, tendon/ligament injuries .  Dextrose in minimal amounts is injected into the injured tissue through the guidance of ultrasound.  
Anti-Inflammatory Supplements , CBD, & Topical Ointments
Doctor formulated supplements, homeopathics and topical ointments including CBD products.  Our products are of the highest quality and designed to  treat chronic pain sufferers.
Therapeutic Massage
 60 minute massage therapy for relief of new and old injuries.  We use organic coconut oil, essential oils and CBD ointment to assist in the relief of chronic pain.  Over 25 years of experience.  

Diagnostics & Holistic Assessments

Food Sensitivity, Allergy Assessments & Hormone Panels
96 Food Sensitivity Testing
IgG food sensitivity testing on 96 foods helps determine the food(s) causing delayed reactions.
Adrenal Stress Index
Adrenal Stress Index Saliva test to check cortisol levels
Heavy Metal Challenge
Heavy Metal testing is a heavy metal provocation with DMPS and EDTA intravenously.  Urine is collected after the IV  and sent to lab for analysis of heavy metal burden such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc.
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Shoulder Pain - Prolotherapy

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