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What is BioScan SRT?

The Bioscan SRT (Stress Reduction Treatment) combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Bioscan and Homeopathy. A computerized scan is performed to record the reaction of your body to various stressors. Once the stressors are identified, your practitioner can quickly create a customized protocol to help this out of balance condition and put you on the path to an efficient and balanced state.

Who can benefit from BioScan?

The BioScan SRT System can benefit every client whether it is used to address current issues or used as a preventative measure to maintain optimal efficiency and balance because stress affects everyone.

The BioScan SRT is safe for adults and children of all ages. The scanning process is non-invasive, and painless, with no need for needles, shots or medications.

What is Stress?

Stress in humans results from interactions between people and their environment which are perceived by the body as straining or exceeding their adaptive capacities and threatening their well-being.

What is a Stressor?

A stressor is any biological, chemical, emotional or physical substance or factor that can cause the body to have a “strained” or “inappropriate” response to the particular stressor which can lead to temporary or permanent harm.

Who cannot be scanned?

In an overabundance of caution, the BioScan SRT will not be used on pregnant women or on any person with any electrical device implanted in the body.

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How can BioScanSRT help?

Using the FDA Cleared BioScan System, your practitioner can scan thousands of stressors in just a few minutes right in the office. This is done quickly, painlessly and non-invasively.

This comprehensive SRT scan will identify which stressors are causing imbalance in the body and give your practitioner the information needed to quantify the level of the problem caused by any stressor.

Then a plan can be created to help correct the body’s response to the stressor and put your body on the path to a balanced state!

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