Are you suffering from diabetes, prediabetes or metabolic syndrome?

Listen in as Dr. Bryan McConnell briefly talks about the Diabetes Relief program available now at Nature Cure Clinic in Green Valley, AZ.

Transcription of video:

Dr. McConnell coming to you from the Nature Cure Clinic in Green Valley, Arizona. We are excited to offer a new program here called diabetes relief. It’s for those who have diabetes, prediabetes, or metabolic syndrome. It’s an IV treatment of insulin that’s infused over a two hour period of time and it helps people with diabetes. It gives them more energy, they’re using less medications, they’re having much less neuropathy. It’s improving neuropathy by over 93%. And then most of these people that have these treatments do not go on to get hemodialysis. They’re not getting the complications of what we call diabetic whittling and chopping away the toes and even limbs. So we’re very excited about it. We received a training in Houston recently with our medical assistant Pam and we have started offering these treatments in our Nature Cure Clinic. In fact, we’re expanding our clinic to have a bigger IV room.

What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is people that have a larger waist size – for a woman that’s greater than 35 inches, for a man 40 inches. We might say obesity. Their blood pressure is also higher than 130 over 85. So to have the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome you have to have three out of these five: waist circumference greater than 35 inches for women or 40 inches in men, blood pressure greater than 135 over 80, fasting blood sugars greater than 100; HDL cholesterol, (we’re not talking about total cholesterol being too high that people talk about), but the beneficial cholesterol being lower than 40 in a man or 50 in a woman, and triglyceride levels being over 150.

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes is like the blood sugars are climbing up there and your hemoglobin A1c is closer to six. A normal person has the A1Cs in the fives. So the lower the A1c the better. At any rate, both diabetes and metabolic syndrome cause some problems. They often cause brain fog and confusion. Some of the side effects; neuropathy which is sharp shooting pains in your toes, your feet, your hands, that kind of thing. Some of the other symptoms would be chronic kidney disease which can go on of course to needing hemodialysis, amputations, wounds, diabetic wounds that don’t heal. Fatigue is another symptom. 

With the diabetic relief pump we can adjust the strength of what we’re giving and how frequently we’re giving these little insulin spikes. 

A little bit of background

About 30 to 40 years ago scientists discovered the pancreas works in little pulsatile fashion. So in a normal fashion about every five or six minutes after we eat food, the glucose goes up in our bloodstream and it has to get in the cells. Well, to get into the cells there’s these little insulin receptors on the cells. So here comes along insulin because the pancreas has secreted a little insulin. It binds to that, it goes down into the cell. And then the cellular machinery says, oh, we need to put up a gluc transporter to the surface. So one of those comes up and now glucose can come in.

In a normal situation, normal physiology, we have enough receptors on the surface of the cell to allow that just what I told you to happen. And so you see this right here, these little red lines going up are insulin spikes, but it’s not continuous. In a dysregulated system we’ve lost the normal spikes. And one of the reasons why is the cell is so sad and unhappy it doesn’t… If you notice it only has two receptors, in a normal physiology we have four. So there’s glucose out here and it can’t get into the cell because there’s not enough receptors there.

In a diabetes relief treatment we are giving little insulin spikes. We’re also giving glucose to the person during this two hour flight, we call it, during this two hour treatment. So we’re giving glucose. If the glucose is less than 120 we can’t even start the treatment. So what it does is it trains the pancreas. And what people are noticing with this is that for example people with Parkinson’s and prediabetes – one gentleman they’re treating in Houston now, his neurologist is asking whether they got the diagnosis right of Parkinson’s. He is walking better, at first he could hardly walk, now he’s using a cane. And he could barely talk, he had dysphonia, and now he could talk almost normal. We saw him when we were down there for training. People with Alzheimer’s are getting better.

Of these 54 trillion cells that we have in our body, that’s what this is doing. This is helping the body get the glucose in… the cells get the glucose in so that we can make ATP. Now ATP is like money. That’s energy and that’s one of the things that goes down as we age for various reasons. So that’s what happens. I wanted to tell you a little bit about what are people noticing – more energy. They’re often requiring a decrease in their diabetic medications. There’s less wounds, there’s less comorbid conditions. And we see a reduction in the A1c often. So, along with a good diet and exercise program, diabetes relief could be a powerful tool. Covered by insurance, covered by Medicare.

If you’re interested, what you would do is you would set up an appointment to come and see. We get some labs from you and then talk about the program and answer any questions you have. The frequency of the treatments are weekly for a period of time, about 10 weeks. And then it goes to every two weeks and then it goes to monthly maintenance. I tell patients, try it out. I have a lot of prediabetic patients, metabolic syndrome and of course diabetic patients. We would be glad to help you out any way we can.

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