Acute & Chronic Pain Relief

There is a plethora of injuries, but the most common sports injuries are sprains and strains to the lower body (foot, ankle, knee). Consider these statistics:
50% Knee: MCL/ACL sprains/tears, bursitis, patellar tendinitis, patellofemoral pain
20% Shoulder: rotator cuff sprains, dislocations, strains
20% Foot, Heel, Ankle, Shin: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tear/tendonitis, sprains, spin splints
5% Tennis or Golf Elbow: medial or lateral epicondylitis
5% Other: i.e., neck, concussions, back, groin, etc

Nature Cure Clinic offers services for pain relief with the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN-Series®. It relieves pain, increases circulation, and improves neuro-muscular rehabilitation in a safe, effective, non-invasive, and non-pharmaceutical treatment.

Shown here is Barbie Blank, known as “Kelly Kelly,” a professional American WWE Diva wrestler receiving a neoGEN® demonstration to help to relieve her back pain. Listen to what she has to say in this 1-minute video:

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Nature Cure Clinic Services

We offer holistic pain reduction and diagnostics & holistic assessments for food sensitivities, allergies, hormone panels and much more!

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives. 

Prolotherapy Injections

Prolotherapy injections are a natural treatment for the repair of joints, tendon/ligament injuries. Dextrose is injected into the injured tissue through the guidance of ultrasound.

Bioidentical Hormones

Defined as man-made hormones that are very similar to the hormones produced by the human body. Common hormones matched are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Diabetes Relief

A revolutionary new approach that goes far beyond diet, exercise, and medicine. We use this innovative new care plan that addresses the root cause of diabetic complications: Metabolic failure.

96 Food Sensitivity Testing

Food allergies and sensitivities are correlated with many plaguing health conditions. With proper identification and elimination of offending foods, many experience relief from their symptoms.

Bioscan Therapy

Bioscan therapy is a non-drug treatment in which patients learn to control bodily processes that are normally involuntary, such as muscle tension, blood pressure, or heart rate.

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