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Naturopathy and Osteopathy combined create true integrative & balanced medicine.  We offer stem cells, Chelation therapy, bio-identical hormones and more...

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Watch for the Grand Opening of our Nature Cure Retreat.  Dr. McConnell medically supervises your fasting program to lower inflammation in your joints and muscles.  Ask us for more information.

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Nature Cure News

Now offering medical marijuana certifications.  We help you with your online applications.  Learn how to make your own capsules and tinctures by attending a cooking school.  Put your name on the list now.

Next class on Saturday, February 2, 2019 from noon to 4.

Cost is $200.  Must have your medical marijuana card to attend.

Classes are held at the 

Nature Cure Retreat 

on West Calle Dos, Green Valley, Arizona

Dr. McConnell Q & A

Q: Does your CBD have THC in it?

A:  Our CBD products are hemp based.  Hemp is rich in CBD and the THC found in our products is non-detectable in blood work.

Hemp based CBD has been found to lower inflammation and some patients have reported they are much calmer and experience less anxiety using our CBD products.  We carry both capsules and oral drops. Stem Cells in Nogales CBD products in Nogales