Testosterone is one of the most abundant hormones in women and is essential to female health. A drop in testosterone can occur in many women starting as early as 20, with a significant reduction in testosterone production starting around age 35. Balancing testosterone can have wide-ranging benefits to a woman’s overall health and can be an essential component of preventative medicine. Restoring testosterone to optimal levels can help elevate mood, increase energy levels, improve muscle mass and definition, and help manage weight.

Debunking Testosterone Myths

Many harmful misconceptions surround the role that testosterone plays in women. Below we outline the five most common myths.

1. Is testosterone exclusively a male hormone?

No, men’s and women’s bodies naturally produce testosterone, and it plays an essential role in women’s health similarly to the better-known hormones like estrogen. Balancing testosterone can have the greatest overall effect on a woman’s health.

2. Will testosterone make me more masculine?

No, testosterone does not masculinize women. While some women also worry if testosterone will deepen their voice, testosterone administered in the doses recommended in the BioTE method will not deepen or change a woman’s voice.

3. Will I grow a beard?

The reality is a tiny percentage (about 2%) of women will experience an increase in midline hair growth (lip, chin, happy trail, etc.) when raising testosterone levels, but it can be rectified with intervention.

4. Are the main functions of testosterone in women libido and sex drive?

While many women report a return of libido after optimizing hormones, testosterone is essential for much more than sex-drive. Testosterone helps regulate several vital systems that influence mood, energy levels, physical fitness and overall physical and mental health as women age.

5. Does testosterone cause hair loss?

Less than 1% of women experience hair loss while following BioTE protocols. The most common cause of hair loss in women is thyroid deficiency. Fortunately, the BioTE method also optimizes thyroid health to help ensure a whole-body approach to better health.


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